Wednesday, May 12, 2010

...its called the Aristocrats

Hi All, Long time no see! how are yeah..good good and how’s Dorothy..oh yeah the hips still playing up. In see well send her my best and tell her I hope her uterus doesn’t fall out again in the middle of her grandkids school play. Godamn Dorothy can’t her uterus in check. This is an interesting picture isn’t it. The one above. Its basicllay me doing a magic trick in long johns on a piece of apperatus. I’m doing a a big TAAADAAAAA, cause you shoulda seen what I done before OH BOY! It involved a dozen skunks a convicted peadophile, 7 liters of human blood and a blow torch. Don’t call me magic, call me magical!

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  1. Not to mention your beautiful assistant whose hobbies include long walks in the park and shamelessly plugging his comic blog ( apparently there are some hilarious hand drawn comics on it....... nice to have you back Chris