Monday, May 17, 2010


So I drew this a while ago, its pretty neat. Its a game I came up with called head stab and basically how it works is you ask some one if they want to play head stab? If they ask how its played, or they say no, or they tell you you're too small to go on their roller coaster, or they tell you to leave their granny alone she doesn't like what your doing to her, that's disgusting because she's an old woman..then BAMMMMMMMMMM! You stab them in the head! 99% of the time you'll win.

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  1. The fcc have been needing that for a long time..... I even spelt the're name with lower case letters just to piss them off. I'm hard core. This reminds me of a little game called 'weasle butt'. I'd explain the rules but you gotta play it to learn it.