Friday, April 9, 2010

Gary Busey on Coke.

This is a picture of Gary Busey on coke. He's absolutely off his head and he looks like he's having the best time ever. He also has Flags in his head and some rolled-up dried leaves burning in his mouth. Even though he looks like he's having a brilliant time the government has banned cocaine and coca-cola. Have they ever seen this picture. They're banning pleasure. LOOK AT HIS FACE GORDON BROWN! You mustn't take coke though. Gary Busey says, and he tried it loads of time. One time My sister and I watched a programme called Celebrity Rehab. Gary was on it, not to be rehabilitated, ho ho no! He's been clean for 15 years, he was there to council others, sure he looked like he was coked off his face 25/8, but that was his plan you see! He's on their level! He's Playing thier game! No-one knows a sinner, like a sinner...what this I just found I was holding it for Rodney king!(Rodney king is an alcoholic, now quit being so greedy)

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  1. Even though he was a verified counsellor, Gary had to live in a dorm like the addicts, have his luggage searched like the addicts, attend the sessions like the addicts and even not do drugs like the addicts. Gary is so dedicated!